Rebecca Adorno Dávila

| Hydroponic Background Noise |

“Hydroponic background noise” is a sound sculpture based on underwater frequencies of anthropogenic origins around the coasts of Puerto Rico. Anthropogenic noise can be classified as either acute (seismic surveys or military sonar)  or Chronic (shipping, construction and industrial activity). This type of noise is a critical factor when considering potential threat to certain maritime populations. And so, this piece makes visible furtive acoustic sound waves that are strong enough to induce extinction and chaos in marine ecosystems while aiding humanity.

Materials:The main material for this piece is the anthropogenic frequencies. I like working with materials that failed factory QC (quality control). For this piece I’m working with discarded electronics from factory, discarded plexi glass and re used power amplifiers from automotive junkyards.

Technical drawing:

design by Angel Beale 

Collecting hydroponic noise at the San Juan Bay (February 2019)