Rebecca Adorno Dávila

| Here I am. So Glad you are. |

“Here I am. So glad you are.”  is a sound sculpture based on underwater noise of anthropogenic origins collected at Puerto Rico’s San Juan Bay. This type of noise is a critical factor when considering potential threats to certain maritime populations. And so, this piece makes visible furtive acoustic sound waves that are strong enough to induce extinction and chaos in marine ecosystems while aiding humanity.

As the collected sounds play through the speaker, a needle that is attached to it gently hits a water bed. A diagonal mirror reflects the waves generated by the contact between the needle and the water into a screen. 

The title of this piece is a reference to the creatures known as “Harmoniums” in Kurt Vonnegut’s Sirens of Titan. The creatures only have one sense: touch. And have weak powers of telepathy. The messages they are capable of transmitting and receiving are almost as bleak as the song of Mercury, the planet where they inhabit. They have only two possible messages:

“Here I am, here I am, here I am.”, which is an automatic response to the second message: “So glad you are, so glad you are, so glad you are.”

It is said that Harmoniums develop for as long as Mercury cares to sing. The second this planet stops singing, Harmoniums become extinct.


Sound Sculpture. Prepared Ripple Tank, Water from the San Juan Bay, 5” speaker, recycled power generator, hydroponic background noise of varied frequencies, mirror, needle. 30”x15”x 22’. 

Collected sound samples:

Collecting hydroponic noise at the San Juan Bay (February 2019)