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Rebecca Adorno was born in the mid 80s in Santurce and raised in Hato Rey, Puerto Rico. One one hand she grew up surrounded by music and electronics – her father was a chemical engineer with a fascination for electronics and fixing things – on the other hand, her mother had her on a strict study regime that although she hated as a child, came to appreciate with age.

Her awareness of sound started at the age of 4, when her father put a needle on an old record. No music came out of it – instead she heard the sound of dust and scratches as the needle glided through the vinyl. Although the sounds generated from that record, mixed with the sounds of her mom cutting through chicken bones in the kitchen and the exterior noise from the area they lived in might have caused her minor anxiety, they also made her realize that her physical space was in part constructed by her perception of sound. Since then, sound has been an obsession.

As an undergrad student Adorno attempted to study Electrical Engineering, but after three years in the program she realized that she was bored due to the lack of hands on experience, therefore she made a major switch in concentrations to Fine Arts in the University of Puerto Rico. There, she was encouraged to mix her Engineering knowledge with her conceptual approach to create art. In 2008 she moved to NYC to pursue an MFA in Computer Arts from the School of Visual Arts, where she graduated with honors in 2010.

By means of technology and sound her interactive installations tend to explore various topics, from the convergence of sound and space awareness, socio political conflicts, to the thin line between private and public narratives.

She still gets anxious when she hears many sources of sound at the same time.