Rebecca Adorno Dávila

| The infinity of being invisible (WIP)|

“What kind of being belongs to the invisible? Perhaps the being of the invisible is a non-being of the visible, and the being of the visible is a non-being of the invisible. Perhaps we can only say that the invisible “is,” in some respect, if we also say that the visible “is not,” in that same respect. […] Invisibility is the negation of visibility. It is a blank space or hidden territory into which being vanishes or disappears.” – Being Invisible by Alex Scott

The concept of this piece arises from the act of mass demonstration, specifically the image of tear gas being thrown at protestors as they scatter to take shelter and slowly disappear from the area. For a few seconds there is a moment of emptiness, smoke and almost silence.

My idea is to reconstruct this moment.

Diagram and mock up to come…

This piece will be shown at Misbits: a new media art space in Oxford, Virgiania from April 24th – May 12th, 2018
Opening reception: April 24th, 2018